Monday, November 24, 2008

boys .... are just boys!

Ever since reading the book
I've been mildly interested in Montessori.
I certainly don't agree with all the philosophies,
but I think there is some merit in the methods Montessori teaches.
It also seems (to me) to be a more girly thing.
Now, my boys love scooping the laundry soap
that activity has a purpose.
I don't really think they'd enjoy
scooping rice from one container to another
for no good reason.
Even so,
I've kept my mind open
and am on the lookout for inexpensive preschool activities
that would be in line with some of the Montessori methods.
I found a dozen cute turtles for a buck twenty-nine.
So I bought two sets;
an inexpensive matching game
which lasted all of 5 minutes
when they went from
'Matching Turtles'
'Fighting Ninja Turtles' which just goes to show ya
boys will be boys!


  1. oh how true that is! boys will always find a way to turn a teaching method into a game/toy/or something to 'battle' with. LOL
    really good to hear from you too!
    you can email me at if it makes it easier.. looking forward to catching up with you!


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