Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I so enjoy

making diapers!

I don't know why I often put it off
as if it's a dreaded chore;
I suppose it's because
the creating of diapers
quite a bit of mess.
Poor Lexi has already worn more paper diapers
than Lily's worn in her whole life,
so my goal this week
besides keeping girls and animals fed and happy
was getting Lexi back in cloth.
I redid the elastic on Lily's old dypes
along with 6 new ones
ought to do it for awhile.
I need to make Lily some pull-ups....


  1. You need to teach me how to make those when we visit. I'd also love to know your 'system' for washing them.

    Just one more month and we'll be there!

  2. I can't wait!!!

    here's my system:

    (spray off poop if necessary)
    throw in re-purposed trash can (dry - no water) till ready to wash.
    I like to pull the insert halfway out & fold it up in diaper before tossing in bucket - figure my hands already need to be washed from changing the diaper & when it's time to wash, I just dump the whole bucket - no hand washing required. Oh, I am so lazy...

    20 minute cold soak (If I'm going to be busy where I can't get back to the machine & I'm desperate for clean dypes, sometimes I'll just do a full cold wash cycle without soap) I figure the wash & the rinse combined = more than 20 min, so I'm good :-)

    HOT wash using 1/2 recommeded amount Allen's Naturally Detergent and a double rinse

    hang out in the sunshine if at all possible, if not, dry on med heat

    that's it!!

    love you

  3. I bet it's nice having a snap press! I always put off making diapers too even they are easy and fun to make. I should make some more too sometime soon when life slows down!

    Mrs. Jo (changed my user name to LS)

  4. these are great!!! I would be scared to try and make them myself!


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