Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a phone call

Marcos called last night!
He's doing well.
He's got a job doing construction,
which is much better money than working the  banana farm,
so that's good.
He misses my pizza.
(Yeah, Buddy, we miss my pizza, too.
Actually, our wheat-free pizza isn't too bad... )

And Lex'.
He misses Lexi, too.
(Of course if he saw how rotten she's been lately,
he would tell me to either 'beat her with a belt'
or to make her kneel in rice. He assured me more than once
if I would just do those things, my children would be good.)

Tyler asked me (cautiously) if I missed him.

Miss him? No.
he's been gone long enough that it was good to hear from him. 

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