Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It was less than six weeks ago 
that I first brought home a Magic Treehouse book from the library for the boy.
Jeremiah began reading his first Hardy Boys book.

tomorrow he takes his first standardized tests
(In AR, homeschoolers test in grades 3-9)
I told him he was not, under any circumstances, staying up all night to finish his book.
I don't know where these kids get it from ;-)


In other graduating news,
When you homeschool, graduations, like the schooling you do to get to graduation,
require a lot more from the parents than a public school graduation does.
We have to plan it all, procure it all, pay for it all, and pull it all off.
I've got 2 friends with Seniors this year.
I practically had to beg,
but they're letting me help with the decorating.
Which, since I don't have a graduate this year, will be fun :-)

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