Sunday, April 7, 2013

proud of us

Friday afternoon, just a few hours after she'd delivered 7 dozen eggs,
my egg lady called and asked if we wanted her chickens.
I've been wanting to try our hand at chickens again,
and honestly, I'd wondered how I'd tell her that I didn't need to buy eggs from her anymore when the time came.
I'm her only customer,  and shortly after we started buying eggs from her,
she bought more hens so that we could get more eggs!
"What's goin' on??" I asked her, knowing that she loves her babies chickens.
Her husband works for a chicken production company, and they aren't supposed to raise chickens for any reason.
She'd managed to get away with it for awhile, but the company is cracking down,
so she needed to get rid of her whole flock right away,
and wondered if we might want them.
Oh, and she didn't want to charge me for them.
I told her I'd have to talk to Tyler.
It was on our someday list, but, this was fast.

Saturday morning found us cleaning out the old tractor shed.
The shed that was fairly full of crap when we bought the place,
had never been cleaned out,
and has had stuff added to the mess over the years.
I didn't take any 'before' pictures, but the big kids all have a clue how big of a job that would be.
In addition to emptying the 3-sided structure of years (decades?) of junk,
in order to safely house animals
we'd need to enclose it,
and also replace the missing roof sections.
In record time.....

Now, granted, 
we still have several piles in the yard that need handling,
and we still  need to run fencing,
but already
(and Tyler had a long meeting yesterday afternoon. and there was church today....)
we have 
what resembles a barn!!

I am so proud of us!
The kids all pitched in cheerfully
and Lexi said several times, "This is so much fun working hard!"
We've got a good bit of work ahead of us this week,
so I hope that attitude holds out.

This time next week,
we may just be 
eating eggs from our own chickens again!


  1. That is so awesome! How big is the flock? We're raising our first chicks...they're about 6 weeks old right now. We just moved them from a box in the garage to their new little coop and run under our deck. We only have 6, which is pushing the boundary for living in city limits. But we're so excited to get some eggs by the end of the summer.

  2. Wow!How exciting!!
    Now that we are out in the "country" I can't wait to get chickens!! However the local pair of foxes might be a problem... Samuel is already thinking about how to keep them safe.
    And, yes, I know I need to blog...
    Hopefully today the internet man will install a strong enough receiver for us to use our wireless... country living... ;-)

  3. You know Rebekah ~ I'm not sure. 12-18ish maybe?

    YES ~ you need to blog, Kaylana!! Love and prayers!!

  4. yay!! for chickens! I want some too, still need to go check with the city first...I never seem to have time to run down there! what did Tyler think of Matts setup? pretty cool, huh? His chickens have quite the fancy setup too! love you all!

  5. who woulda thunk it ! all you guys having chickens. I think it is great! (Scott who had the job of feeding them does not have chickens) (yet) :)

  6. yes ~ Matt's setup is pretty sweet!! I try no to be jealous ;-)


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