Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TKD midterms

TaeKwonDo testing was Saturday.
Since the kids were at Gramma's (thank you so much!!) they would have a chance to test some other time.

Some other time
turned out to be yesterday.
I 'm a little irritated that we weren't informed, so we couldn't be there to cheer them on.

Brandon passed their midterm test
(meaning he didn't earn a new belt, but now he can test in 3 months for black belt, provided he meets all of the other criteria)
 but Jeremiah and Josiah didn't.
They were disappointed, naturally,
but honestly, we kind of expected it ~ it's a tough test to pass, especially for the younger guys.
Their buddy, Aaron, is in the same boat with them, which helped to ease the disappointment a bit.

Congratulations, Brandon!
(and thanks for working on TKD with your brothers, even when they aren't always the most agreeable)

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