Sunday, August 4, 2013

look! I made a skirt

(lined and everything)
and it took me like 35 minutes!

Never mind that Tyler isn't impressed because I didn't hem it...
(I will go back and add a bound hem at some point)

(We're already established he's kinda hard to impress anyways
I guess living with this much awesome will do that to a person ;-)

Many thanks to my photographer, Jeremiah Sweet Lips John.

(I deleted the picture of my backside.
It looked a little too Nacho Libre-ish  for my liking...)


  1. really like the skirt, love you mom!

  2. well...there is a whole lotta awesome going on over there in that house....and the skirt is great!
    Jeremiah sweet lips huh,?? I will have to remember that! lol

    1. haha ~ he doesn't know I called him that :-) but don't his lips look luscious?

    2. they look like YOUR lips!! :)


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