Wednesday, March 4, 2015

today is a DEAR day

We've been wanting to go for weeks
but I've been waiting for the perfect weather (and time. and hair day...) to go the library.

Yesterday was misty, and there was a chance of rain all day,
but today's forecast, yesterday, called for sunny skies all morning,
then snow at noon
for the remainder of the day.

We'd go in the morning.

the weatherpeople got it wrong.
Today's rain was far worse than yesterday's!
But I really didn't want another snow (or ice)
without a library trip.
(although, at this point, I'm not so sure the snow is really coming, as it's past 2, and still no snow...)
So we went.
In the pouring rain.
(I didn't even bother to fix my hair!)

Usually we put Josiah, Lily and Lexi's books on one card,
And Jeremiah, mine and Brandon's on another.
It's just easier to keep up with - even if I don't remember exactly what's on who's card,
at least everyone remembers how many books they checked out,
and we can round up any strays 
if need be.
(Usually we are pretty good about keeping them in the library basket,
but every once in a while we have a book go rouge)

It got tricky this time, since Jeremiah and Josiah are sharing lots of their books, 
so I think in the future, we'll just put girls on one card, and boys on the other.
That'd be good.

taking the whole DEAR thing seriously....
I have 200 books on my library reading list.
All of them I heard (or read) about somewhere, but there is no way to make notes,
so, most of them, I can't remember who recommended the book, and why.
That 200 doesn't count the books I've pinned, or have on my wishlist at Amazon - which, as it relates to books,
isn't always a 'wish to own' list, but a 'wish to read' list. so I really should transfer those to pinterest.
I love that everyone took a turn reading to Lexi. I know that's hard to do when you have a stack of fresh books calling!

Brandon was resting in Jeremiah's bed, so he snuggled up in the girls' to read (Warriors series, book 2. Josiah is reading bk 1)
Bran's books. TJ got him started on Clive Cussler books, but he didn't get any of those today. Perhaps he's read them all??)
today is a good day to DEAR.

I think I'll do that myself.
(which one do I choose??)

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  1. Have your boys read the Ranger Apprentice series? I've read good things about it, but haven't heard recommendations from people I actually know. I'm thinking Corban would enjoy them.


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