Monday, March 9, 2015

sucker for the story

Back when we all decided to 'Run for God',
multiple trips were made to Academy to furnish the family with proper running shoes.
You know, so we didn't hurt ourselves.(ha!)
(For me, who has never aspired to be a runner,
and isn't entirely convinced that women actually ought to run,
it was more of a 'Run to God", than run for Him.
I was finally coming out of my long, horrible season of depression
and was truly desperate for God.
If I had to run to be with Him, so be it.)
(Sadly, the Bible study part of the program sucked)
(so did the running part ;-) and my heel has never healed completely)

After trying on every. single, pair. of running shoes at Academy,
I settled on a pair of Brooks.
Brooks shoes happen to come in a box
printed with one of those 'you made a good choice' stories on it.
Tyler and I love those.
I mean, 
you've already made the purchase - they could have given you a plain old box,
but instead, they try to up your satisfaction by telling you how smart you are
and why.
Great marketing.
So, as I was driving home, I thought how tickled Tyler would be
with my selection of shoes
and my 'bonus box'.

Turns out, he'd bought Brooks, too!


Love her fabric.
(At least, I love the feel of her fabrics, and the saturated colors,
and the way her fabrics work together.
I don't always love her fabrics individually....)
I also just really like her.
At  least the her I know through her blog...

When Pretty Potent came out,
I liked the collection as a whole,
and there were a few fabrics that I really liked,
but I didn't order any.
and I was all, 
"I want all the Anna Maria fabrics in the whole world"
(I did order some Pretty Potent when I found some on sale, but only my very favorites.)


While I love an explosion of color and the kaleidoscope style of Jenean Morrison,
I also am really drawn to many of the simple, low volume fabrics of Carolyn Friedlander,
especially the Architextures line.

And then I discovered 
that before she became a fabric designer,
Carolyn was an architect.
And that just makes me love and appreciate her fabrics more.


When I clicked on a Finish it up Friday link over at Amanda's,
I found this quilt
 and a lovely post to go along with it.


Then I went back a few weeks later and found another great quilt
with an equally great story
and I decided I simply must add pieladyquilts to my blog list.

If you, too, are a sucker for the story,
I highly recommend you do the same!
(who doesn't know me from Eve)
 intertwines memories and life and making
in a beautiful and down to earth way.

(On the subject of 'new blogs',
I should also mention my friend's new blog.
You may remember me mentioning Sarah B recently,
she's the one who got married in February :-)
She's also the only daughter of the one I made this quilt for,
my dear, dear amazing friend, Eva.)


Tim used to tell me, when I'd recount some happening or another,
way back in the days of 'lunch bunch',
"Just give me the Reader's Digest version"
but I never could.
I think all the little details are important,
at heart,
I'm a sucker for the story.

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