Thursday, July 21, 2011

not my best moment

I'm not so sure about me and running.
I think
maybe I am too stupid to run.

Let me back-track just a bit
and say I broke my favorite jar 
within 2 minutes of getting up this morning.
That was a sign of things to come....

I had planned on taking the kids to the FLC to train
yesterday evening, cause running in the morning
clearly wasn't going to work.
Tyler didn't want to do that,
so I decided I'd just take them this morning.
we would be running inside
(can you see where this is going?)
I didn't feel it necessary to get going first thing.
And I had to get over my broken jar....
Yes, I cried.
more than once.
I really liked that jar.

While showering
(because we would be running inside
and I wouldn't get too sweaty...)
I thought maybe I ought to call the church
and make sure there was nothing going on in the gym.
It was 11:00 by then.
That was my one smart move of the day.
The FLC was, in fact, occupied.
Well, crap!
We had to train today;
you aren't supposed to go more than 2 days w/out training
and I hadn't taken my poor kids running since Sunday.
And by golly Thursday is when I'm supposed to run
and we all know that I am a rule follower!
So we drove to the park.
I thought I remembered there being lots of trees around the track.
There were.
But by the time we got there,
it was nearing noon.
high noon.
Which means not much shade on the running path.
I told the big boys to go on
and I'd handle the 4 little ones.
I am a good mother like that.
May I just say
the next 27 minutes
Lexi ended up in the carrier
(thank God for ERGO!!! seriously!!)
before we'd even finished the warm-up.
She cried every time I ran.
And Lily.
Lily is off the Run for God Team.
As I should be.
I'm not sure God wants the likes of me on His team!
I was one of those horrid mothers who yells at her children.
For being hot.
And not keeping up with her old, fat mother.
And wanting to hold my hand
while I was sweaty.
Not my best parenting moment for sure!
I gave up when my app told me to run one last time
and we headed for the car for the cool-down.
Hallfway hone, once the air kicked on in the car,
and I wasn't quite so hot
I apologized to her for being impatient and unkind.
Of course, she forgave me.
And then she said,
"Well, I wasn't being very patient or good either."
Maybe I'll let her back on the team after all.

I should probably also disclose the following:
I wouldn't take the kids running last night at 9:30
because it had only cooled off to 91.
instead I took them at noon.
When the 'feels like' temperature was 104.

Like I said, I may just be to dumb for this running thing.

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  1. Oh Dear! sorry about your jar! and your story made me hot just reading it! I hope your day gets better! love you sis!


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