Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lexi the story-teller

In keeping with tradition,
Lexi always asks, "Do you want a story?"
when she sits on the pot to pooh. 
I always say "yes" 
and settle myself on the step in the hall to listen.
I had the foresight this time to record the story as she went:

Once upon a time it was raining and pouring and we went swimming in the kiddie pool. It was green and somebody needed to dump it out. A monster dumped it out and watched a movie. Winnie the pooh. And we were scared. The monster was nice and we were kind and we weren’t scared any more. And we went to momma and we all hugged. And we jumped on the trampoline and it was fun. I was jumping too high. I love aliens. (Do you want to listen to the rest of my story?)    There was light in my room and a good monster in my room. He looked like a girl. He dressed up like me. And that was funny

Speaking of stories and Lexi ~ here's one on her:
We quit nursing when she was 22 months old;
I was ready - she was not.
She still asks to nurse occasionally.
Yesterday at nap time,
she was talking about nursing with such fondness
and her eyes were so bright and sparkly,
"When I was born, you used to nurse me.
You pulled up your dress and pulled out your booby
and I drank momma milk. 
I would (she pursed her lips and made slurping sounds)
like Tom.
I like momma milk."

I would have loved a video of that!

And then last night, after swimming,
she gave me a hug
and said, "Thanks for letting me drink momma milk!"

She's 2 1/2 and she remembers this??
from 8 months ago?
Needless to say, she had to check and make sure
that the milk was really gone
and I wasn't just holding out on her.


  1. Big sigh on this one...
    Your kids are SO verbal!
    Now, I know Etienne is learning two languages, but Adrienne was basically sight "reading" at 2. With him we're struggling to understand if he's shouting "Taxi Car" or "voiture" -- even said correctly those two words are no where near related in sounding.
    *Sigh* Someday we'll be able to understand him.

  2. Just remember ~ girls are usually much more verbal than boys (and Adrienne is truly exceptional ~ she is so far ahead of Jeremiah!!)

  3. I love lexi's story - that WAS funny ;)
    she's a bright one.


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