Thursday, April 16, 2015

5 monkeys (and milk. but mostly monkeys.)


We made a dairy run last week :-)

picture swiped from a post in 2008! Where does the time go??

Fresh raw milk
from cows who eat real grass, in wide open pastures?
Yes, please!!

Eggs, with orange yolks,
not yellow
- from chickens free to roam -
are about the only other food
I feel as good about feeding my family.

I am so grateful to have access to both!
We stopped at the rest stop that has the tee-pee like structures around the picnic tables
and got a little exercise.

Josiah climbed right up.
Then everyone decided his pole was better,
so they wanted to try that one.

Turns out,
was just better.

But everyone gave it their best shot.

Even me. 

I love you, my little monkeys.
(and thanks, Love, for letting us have yummy milk all these years :-)

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  1. I grew up drinking whole milk from a local farm for many years. Wish I could give that to my kids today. While we were in Turkey, I could go buy unrefrigerated eggs with brown shells and dark orange yolks for super cheap. No such luck in Vegas!


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