Saturday, January 26, 2008

the weekend

Tyler says we're food snobs.

We don't mean to be;
we just happen to like food that tastes good
and IS good!
So, every three weeks or so,
Tyler makes the 2-hour trek to Clairemore
to but us fresh
milk from Swan's Brothers Dairy
The kids all take turns going with daddy;
they get to help keep him awake
get special time with the Pop!
Jeremiah got to go today, for the first time
probably the last, for quite awhile.
He never has been much of a traveler.

Thank-you, my love, for the sacrifices you make
so our family can be healthy

Brandon got a Creation Station for Christmas from the big kids.
The boys finally had some time to devote to figuring it out.
Looks like its going to be pretty fun!

We got a new Supercenter a few weeks ago.
Its on the way home from
pretty much everywhere we go.
I’m not a big fan of Wal-mart
I spend my money elsewhere when I have the chance.
But living in Walmart country
doesn’t really leave one with many shopping choices.

To maximize time
and make it easier on anyone who may be helping with the shopping
(thanks, Tyler, T, & Lana!)
I like to have a master grocery list
that follows the layout of the store.
Tyler took me to the new store last night
so we could map it out.
We went up and down the aisles
snapping pictures of everything we might possibly buy .
Now, all I have to do
Is find time to type up a list
using the photos as a guide.

My list probably wouldn’t be useful to anyone outside our family
but I have a feeling a certain young Mrs Hobbs
might be asking for it in about 4 months


  1. Mrs. Hobbs...ooh, gives me wonderful chills.

    Love the pic of Pie, BTW. The other ones are great too...

  2. Luke ~ no comment on my WYWS line form the previous post??
    that was totally for you :-)

  3. Oh Honey, you don't know how good you hve it! I never thought WM was that great either until I was without it. I mean where else can you buy a bag of socks that won't cost a fortune? Yes, we have WMs but they are terrible. The last time I was in there they had NO bananas. Not even one! They don't carry half the things I need. The other stores are expensive. I've come to believe they just don't know how to do WM in the north.

    When we come for the wedding (hope we're on the list!) one of the things I'm planning on doing is stocking up at your WM on all those things I can't get easily here.

    Great idea on the master list!



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