Thursday, January 24, 2008

hmm... what are they doing?

working on wedding stuff......

Luke came over for a few hours
between school and Riverwalk
We took a picture
(actually, we took 24 pictures, but we got The One)
Lana edited the photo
with help, of course

We sent the picture to Walgreens to be printed
and they called
to make sure that they weren't about to print
a professionally done, copyrighted picture

(this - is not that picture :-)
Luke barely made it in the door
before he had to scoop up both Josiah & Lily
My family loves you, I might as well love you


  1. Now, that's a picture of me that I like - Brandon looks like me and my love is smiling at me. And I have that dorky concentration look on my face :-)

    The one of Pie and Josiah and Luke is SOOOO sweet. They all love their future bro-in-law :)
    That makes me happy.

  2. Heehee! Nice that everybody KINDA likes each other huh?

  3. um - you'll see it when you see it :-)

  4. Ok fine. That make me excitedish b.c that means it is very special. ;L

  5. Ah, Lady ~ EVERYTHING about the wedding is special :-)

    I actually wasn't aware that it was ALL to be secretish & spilled the beans to Luke about something (I really am sorry, Lana! but, you could post about it on your blog now, with a partial picture ;-)


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