Wednesday, January 16, 2008

behold - the power of cheese

It's been roughly 37 weeks since we figured out
I can not have dairy when I am nursing a baby.
Its been a rough 37 weeks.
I love dairy products
all my favorite foods (and I have lots of 'em) include dairy.
Its a sacrifice I gladly make for the comfort of my child
(and everyone else living with said child....)
BUT - unlike some sacrifices we make for our children,
this one has an end in sight.
Last night, for the first time in over 8 months,
I had cheese with dinner!
and then, I panicked,
cause in addition to the cheese,
I had beans - and more than the tablespoon I usually eat.
how I was I going to know if it was the cheese or the beans that caused trouble?
except for some mild hiccups, there was no trouble!
LilyPie went to bed earlier than normal, slept her usual 10 hours,
and woke up being her happy self!
thank-you, Lord!!
Now, I'm not going to go hog-wild or anything but its nice to know
I can cautiously add back in some of my favorite foods!


  1. Congrats on starting a blog! Maybe now I can gain from your endless wisdom by reading it! What an adorable little girl you have!
    So, do you have a son named Jeremiah too? And also a Josiah? That is just wild! And one child moved out and one getting married? Wow! What a busy year for you.

    How on earth do you manage with 7 kids? I am so tired I could just lay down and die and this is only my 3rd one!

  2. Hello Mrs. L... this is Emma S. I found your blog from Lana's. I like reading it and seeing your pics. ;D

  3. Mrs Jo ~ don't know how much wisdom you'll find; I can't find the time to think coherently, much less write what I think.... I mostly wanted this to be a sort of scrapbook.
    Maybe some year I'll write long meaningful posts.....

    yep, a Jeremiah & Josiah (and they just about do us ALL in on a daily basis!) and there's also a TJ (Tyler Jr), Lana, Tony, & Brandon. and, of course, Lily :-)
    did you find my comment on your post about your card from King Jo? (It was an old post when I commented.....)

    how many wks are you? the fog should be lifting before too long ~ hang in there

  4. Yee haw! I know you are excited!

    Wonderful blog and what cutie pie pictures of Lily! Hannah showed me your blog today and I thought I'd comment you!
    Love you,


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