Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bridal Extravaganza

(this is what I spilled the beans about the other day...shh)
The girls spent the afternoon with Emily
at the Bridal Extravaganza at the Holiday Inn
oh my! so many people!!
and so much food!
We weren't looking for anything in particular,
but we saw a few things we both really liked.
We all loved the spinach artichoke dip from Goodson's;
we may have to splurge
and have that at the reception.
I am so glad I'll be eating dairy by then!
A friend of ours
(she's one of those ladies
you just know you're going to love
as soon as you meet her)
had a booth for her new business
and she had a special gift for Lana -
one of her handmade candles in a tin!
~ delicious ~
I just smile every time I get to talk to Sarah
she is such a blessing to me!
and my girls!
I really want this time to be as stress-free as possible
I have to find a balance
between being a homeschooling momma
with 2 preschoolers & a baby
being the mother of a very precious bride.
I've already lightened up quite a bit, though!

(grrr why does my spacing hardly ever work?!!!)

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  1. Wasn't it fun? I enjoyed it so much. I learned...that I have a LOT to learn!! ;o)


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