Thursday, January 17, 2008

melted snowmen

Josiah came up with a drink recipe this evening;
he calls it a 'melted snowman'.
to make
simply head for the only faucet you can reach
(for him, that would be the bathroom sink,
accessible by standing on toilet & leaning way over)
and fill cup with water - whatever temperature happens to came out.
find something to use as a lid
(I suppose this was the snowman's hat?)
and, there you have it
a melted snowman

drink & enjoy


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  1. haha, he's so cute, love this smile!
    But, actually, to give credit where it is due, Jeremiah invented this (or it's predecessor) one day, when we were home and ya'll were getting hay for Queen.
    He came out of the bathroom with a round candleholder full of water and that little off-white ceramic dish on top of it for a hat, and pronounced it a "water-snowman" which must be put on the dresser in the dining room (exactly where freddy the fish used to live) for everyone to "sit and watch it when they wake up".
    This was the activity he busied himself with after I made him stop his previous project, which involved modifying bubble solution while standing over the new living room carpet :^P


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