Thursday, January 17, 2008

'new' beds!

Since we happened to have an empty bed lying around,
last Sunday, we switched things up a bit
and now Jeremiah and Josiah have 'new' beds!
They'd never slept alone before
so this is HUGE.
The boys all got comfy blankets for Christmas,
so that kinda helped with the execution of the New Bed Plan

I love you, my boys! I'm glad you like your new beds so much!


  1. What cute pictures. I just love Josiah's curls. :)

  2. me too!! :-)
    and, how 'bout those wild eyebrows?!

  3. hahaha... he's so cute! When he came to the basketball game a little while ago I couldn't help it.. I asked Lana if I could "pet" him. :)


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