Tuesday, January 22, 2008

got milk?

The Girl is nursing again.
I am so happy!
Lily was so miserable yesterday
that she wasn't one bit interested in nursing.
I was really starting to worry and I'm not a worrier.
She went eleven hours!!
I started thinking
maybe it's time to quit.
God, is this it? Are we done?
Surely not yet.
She's not even 10 months old!
She'll very likely be the last baby I'll ever nurse
I don't want to be finished already, Lord
I started thinking about all the reasons why it'd be good
if we were no longer a nursing pair.
And they were all selfish
every single one!
So, this morning
when I offered her my breast
and she didn't shake her head 'no' at me,
but eagerly latched on
I was grateful.
Grateful that she was feeling somewhat better,
but also immensely grateful for the opportunity to
physically nourish my child
once more.

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