Sunday, January 27, 2008


we're home from church again this week
still sick little people around here
Jeremiah and Josiah had a bit of an altercation
as a result of a misunderstanding;
Jeremiah thought Josiah didn't like him or want to play with him
(because Josiah wasn't too thrilled with Jeremiah taking his paper...)
Josiah overheard Jeremiah telling me
that Josiah didn't want to play with him.
He promptly got up and got a piece of paper for Jeremiah.
Showing him, that, yes
he does in fact like him and want to play with him
these are the things that make mommas
(and big sisters)

Luke and Lana, by Jeremiah


  1. I'm the skinnier one. I also happen to have legs, which few people in Jeremiah's pictures are blessed to have :^P

    I think it's because I like dancing - the first picture by Jeremiah in which I had legs (that I can remember) was the one entitled "Lana dancing in the rain" :D

    Isn't he the sweetest?!

  2. Looks just like them! What a natural artist!:P (yes, Lana I could tell that you were the skinnier one:P) So cute!

  3. Poor Luke is just a big head that fell over. :P

  4. heehee, oh, Emy, that's terrible, and I'm sure Jeremiah didn't mean it!


  5. I think they look like Bob & Larry!


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