Sunday, January 20, 2008

new teeth

Lily is sporting a new tooth ~ that makes two now!
Lana found it.

Finding first teeth is a BIG DEAL in our family!

I thought I found Lily’s first tooth a few weeks ago, I was so excited!
I’m not the least bit competitive!
Lana was at the store, so I called her - not to brag, merely to inform
And she got mad at me!
And sad,
because, it was her last chance to find a baby’s first tooth
(besides her own babies, of course)
She made all sorts of empty threats
about me not coming near her babies
when they were teething till the tooth poked through
(she’s not a bit competitive either)

Turns out,
Tony was actually the one that found the tooth first,
but he didn’t make a big deal out of it, so no one knew.
He is disqualified from the finding new teeth competition er, game.

Lana, I’m glad you found the second tooth
If I couldn’t find it
At least Dad didn’t either

As a side note -
It was when I found Lily’s tooth
(at that point, I didn’t know I wasn’t the real finder)
that I came up with the theme of my blog.
It had been a rough day, in a rough week.
And then I found the tooth (or so I thought…)
and for a moment, I was ecstatic.
And I thought, “thank you, Lord, for helping me find joy
in something so small as finding a baby’s tooth.

Joy is not my natural state, but I want it to be.


  1. haha... sounds to me like Tony should be the only one allowed to play it since he's the only one who doesn't brag. LOL jk!

  2. It is not bragging, it is celebrating the discovery of a baby's great accomplishment!
    BTW, I found Jeremiah's first tooth! And Josiah's second!

    See, you HAVE to make a big deal of the tooth being found! (esp if you found it)

  3. I had no idea that it was such a big deal. I just stuck my finger in her mouth and she bit me.

  4. I'm afraid it doesn't matter much to me and it's perfectly fine with me, darling, if you find all of our babies' teeth before I do. And maybe if I find any before you do, I just won't tell you.

  5. Luke, it HAS to matter: TEETH ARE IMPORTANT!

  6. Luke - it will matter. I promise, someday, it will matter. but, if by some chance, you are just weird, and it doesn't matter, well - pretend that it does :-)

  7. No no, finding teeth matters. Being the first person to find the teeth is what doesn't matter to me.

  8. At our house losing the first tooth is a big deal and I am usually the puller. I really should have been a dentist!

    As for the shoes, I found a pattern on the internet after checking out the shoes on Bramblestitches on

    I found that I could scan the pattern and make it larger so I made several sizes.



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