Friday, January 18, 2008

new shoes

oh, I do love to sew!

LilyPie got a new outfit on clearance for $3.20 this week.
It was just begging for some shoes to match!
(what little girl's outfit isn't?)
I just happened to find an old ultrasuede jacket
in just the right shade of brown at our favorite thrift store
(before we purchased the outfit)
add to that a scrap of the pink suede jacket for $2.25 from NBC
and we've got the perfect shoes
(okay, workmanship is far from perfect, but they're wearable)
Thanks, Brandon & Ton' for watching The Girl so I could make these!


  1. oh very cute. I made a bunch of shoes last summer with variuos cotton prints, but I had not thought of the suede in a coat at a resale shop. ummm that gets the mind working. I am always looking for ideas. I love the site for things homemade that I can copy.

  2. jodie ~ what pattern did you use?


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