Friday, January 11, 2008

gingerbread houses & sweet little boys

I was checking out this blog
and my 4 y-o came in and asked, "What's that?"
when he saw the pictures.
I scrolled through all the pictures for him and said,
"Those are gingerbread houses this lady's kids made.
I wanted to make gingerbread houses too (sigh) but we didn't get to."

Jeremiah went off to get paper and crayons.
"Tony, I'm making mom a gingerbread house,
cause she really wants one."


  1. He's such a little sunshine!
    ~the sister

  2. I was looking at the links on Lana's site and I saw "Momma's blog" and wondered how in the world I could have missed it. I now see why. It is brand new. I truly hope you are able to keep up with it. I am sure with a troop of little boys and a God who is good you have plenty to write about. Not to mention the chemistry student, the one getting married, or the other who is newly living alone.

    That is a sweet story. I need to start posting that kind of story on my blog.

    I think I am done talking for now. ;D


  3. plenty to post about, yes!
    plenty of TIME to post it? I dooubt it.....


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