Tuesday, November 10, 2015

tidbits on a Tuesday

Breaking news!
Brandon just got his ACT scores.
He does not have to take the test again :-)

Sweet relief!

I'm telling you, a huge weight fell off that boy's shoulders.

We are so proud of him
and his diligence!

Now, to jump through all of the application hoops....


You may have guessed,
that we started
on the house!

Leveling the ground isn't even technically step one,
but after so many years of working toward this,
we're calling it step one


The kids all passed their TKD testing
this past week.

How crazy is it that they are all high-ranks now??


Allison hasn't gotten her package yet.
I'm starting to get worried : /

The new owner of the patchwork mini mini quilt 
hasn't gotten her package yet either.
But that's because I haven't mailed it yet.



Grandbaby Hadley will be here in less than a month,
and I 
will be holding her
and breathing in that newborn smell in 30(ish) days!!


I'm beginning to feel a little panicky 
about getting everything done
before Christmas 
that I need to get done
before Christmas.

(not to mention all of the college stuff that needs to happen between now and then too.
Applications are due by the the 18th.
How dumb is that?!
You know nobody will be looking at them for almost a month!)

On that note, 
I best end this
and get busy!!


  1. Wow that's a lot of exciting bits!!!!! :) :) :)

  2. You are juggling so many exciting things right now! Deep breath. Wow, I wondered what the bulldozer's job actually was. From what I could tell, the ground looked flat before, and flat (and muddy) after! Ha! I'd like to know more about your house plans if you'd care to share. I'm always interested in building and decorating. :-)

  3. Deep breath is right...
    There was actually a 4ft difference in the lowest and highest spots out there before he started. Sure I'll share house plans (at some point...)


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