Monday, November 2, 2015

tricks and treating

Way back when we all lived in Fayetteville
(early 90s)
we would spend Halloween together.

(Which really doesn't mean all that much, 
seeing as we spent a pretty good chunk of all of our time

They moved to Rogers.
Then we moved to the Fort.
But we'd still get together most years for Halloween fun.

Then they moved to Texas, and it put the kibosh on Halloween festivities.

Then they moved to Maryland,
and that put the kibosh on pretty much 

Now they are back in Texas,
and somehow,
4 1/2 hours away doesn't seem all that far,
so we went to Scott and Jackie's
for our first Halloween together in a really long time.

The menfolk had a blast planning pranks
(I loved peeking out the window and seeing them all smiling and laughing as they got things set up)
and the kids had loads of fun dressing up
and trick -or- treating
(this was the first time for the 4 youngest!)

Brandon was in both the menfolk category,
and the kid group.

That makes me happy!

(The ridiculous amount of candy
 I am allowing the children to consume,
does not...)

At one point, there was a 100% chance of rain predicted for Saturday,
but we were very grateful that it held off.

Even more, 
we are so grateful for friends
except for the tiny little matter of blood,


  1. Can you imagine them walking with little Hadley and holding her hand, with her chubby legs and ladybug outfit or whatever. :P Oh my goodness!!! <3

  2. wouldn't that be something?!
    The girls wouldn't let go of Hadley's hands; I see them constantly bending over to coo at and encourage her...

  3. Aha! I knew there would be a penguin in there somewhere! All of the costumes turned out great, and everyone looks like they are having such fun.

    Your weather looks delightful. We had relatively good weather here, too, but kids wear costumes that fit over warm coats. It can be anywhere from "very brisk" (below freezing) to blizzard conditions, depending on the year!

    So nice that you made the trip to visit special people for the occasion.


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