Monday, July 12, 2010

summer vacation 2010

Sadly, there was some of this

but not nearly as much as we expected there would be;
the girl did soo good!

First stop: Tennessee
and a wonderful
but too short
visit with our dear friends

They took us to an awesome park,
which was just the thing
for kids who'd been cooped up in a car all day long

Lex' loved her Uncle Scott!!
She was pretty fond of Aunt Jackie & Nikki, too
but Uncle Scott was tops!

we did some sightseeing

and birth - recording
(why the blue??)

and took some naps-on-the-go.

There was wayy too much of this!

but still plenty of this

I got all choked up looking at this
but maybe it was all those darn stairs....
but probly not.

Last but not least
there was lots
- but not nearly enough -
of this

We love you, H's!
Thanks for a wonderful visit!!


  1. Welcome Home! Looks like ya'll had a FANTASTIC time! Can't wait to hear more and see more pictures. You sure have a way of wording things that really makes me wonder! Glad ya'll got a date night, visit with the Sams, see some great sights...

  2. so - when ya comin' by the shop?? ;-)


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