Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday miscellany

I've been rather melonchony* lately.
(You may have noticed from my way-less-enthusiastic-than-normal birthday post...)

I think all of the busyness (which still isn't over)
has caught up with me.
Or maybe all the (delicious) junk I've been eating.
Or both...

*have you seen MegaMind?
I no longer feel melancholy, I feel meLONkunee.
Which is a much better way of feeling, I think.


I am so far behind on e-mail,
responding to blog comments,
and visiting my favorite blogs
that I fear I will never catch up.
I think,
I just need to start over with a clean slate.
(If you've e-mailed or commented,
and I haven't gotten back with you;
please forgive me,
and know I've written you back about a dozen or so times in my head...)

I'm not quite sure what to do with the 4,716 messages in my mailbox, though...


It was so nice to have Tyler home last week.
It was hard to let him go back to work today,
we need his job...


We left early for the Christmas Eve service on Thursday
so we could photograph my final finish of 2015,
but it ended up being too dark to take pictures
since it was so overcast.

Last night,
when plugging in my Kindle
(I've been reading Uncle Tom's Cabin)
I discovered that my camera charger was still plugged in.
And the battery was still in the charger!

It's a good thing the light was bad;
I would've spent the evening being so upset with myself and my stupidity.
I had even left my camera on the bed,
so that it'd remind me to grab the battery.


I'm considering
(only considering, mind you)
joining Instagram,
mostly because Tony and Kacy are on Instagram
and I don't want to miss a single Hadley picture...

I'm afraid it'll turn into a big time suck though.


Have you seen all the options out there
for adult coloring books?
(not 'adult', just advanced...)
I kinda want one,
but then
I think I'd rather spend my time making pictures out of fabric,
than coloring them.

Stephanie nailed it - the 'why I make things for people'.

Just substitute 'sewing' 
(or whatever form of crafting and creating you do)
for 'knitting':
Knitting is, I have often said, a container for love. 
We work hard to make something for someone, 
pouring our time and energy and love into a tangible thing. 
When we hand knitting to someone,
 we’re hoping they’ll hear what we’re really saying, 
which is
 “I love you. 
I think you’re wonderful. 
I value your happiness, 
so much so
 that I’ve spent this time on you.
 My love is in this.”

She always says things so nicely, that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

photos were all taken about a month ago. when it was still pretty outside.


  1. Tracy I think you may really enjoy Instagram! I considered it for a long time before joining IG early in the year. I love it. So instant and interconnected and so easily do-able. I still post on my blog, but less frequently. My blog is a good place to keep a record of things but IG offers lots of connection and very quick response.

  2. Instagram is my favourite social media after my blog - I love it for sort of micro blogging - little snippets in the moment :) And as for the emails and the blog comments just delete/don;t worry about it - every now and then I have to just mark all as read in my feed reader and it's so freeing - go for it!

  3. For less in your feed limit the number of people you choose to follow on IG - you could have "all Hadley, all the time" if her posts are the only ones you follow! :-)


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