Tuesday, December 29, 2015

a year in review

I thought it'd be fun to do a little end of the year recap.

I wrote fewer blog posts this year
I wrote in any of my previous 7 years of blogging.
Sometimes I had words, 
but couldn't find the time to write them.
Other times,
I just didn't have the words.

It wasn't posted this year, but seeing as it's wildly popular,
I figured it's worth noting
my all time most read post,
with well over 22 thousand views

I made 7 quilts this year!
(click on the photo to go to the post)

2 baby quilts that were sold for sewing machines:

2 throws,
one for me, and one for my mom and her man

a very large (two-sided) twin for Brandon

and 2 queen sized quilts,
both gifts.

One that hasn't been posted,
Matt and Marin's

this quilt was my second most viewed post, received the most comments, both on the blog and on FB
and is my most pinned quilt.

I machine quilted another queen sized quilt, Claire's,
(which was my 2015 post with the most views - 2,746 of 'em at the moment)

I was able to purchase a sewing machine with the money I earned for the quilting of that one, too :-)

There were also 3 mini mini quilts
that were sent off to new homes

I pattern tested for the first time
and made a table topper

I shared a couple of pretty popular recipes


I made quite a few shirts, skirts, and dresses 
but more than half of them didn't get blogged.
Here are a some of the makes that did:

 I also made quite a few zip pouches

and this one, when the girls got to use the sewing machine for the first time.

And of course,
there were the costumes and accessories...

We had three very special weddings this year;
two of them, Lily and Lexi were flower girls in.

Okay, so only Brandon did that one...

and of course,

and 2 weeks before Christmas,

All in all,
a pretty good (and busy!) year, I think.


  1. Your work is stunning, but to know that such beautiful work is helping to support women and children rescued from slavery?! Absolutely amazing and inspiring!

  2. I love your highlight reel, Here's to another good (and busy) year! xoxo

  3. WOW! WOW! WOW!!! I love this post! You are AMAZING! <3

  4. it looks like a good year from here! wow. you really pack it in. i'm still swooning over your plus quilt. but i have to say that itty bitty love pouch is absolutely darling too! but a grandbaby probably tops it all. =) happy new year to you and the crew. good luck with the house construction!

  5. This was definitely a good year - you made such gorgeous quilts and pouches! I loved reading this blogpost and looking at all the wonderful pictures! Have a great 2016!


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