Friday, January 8, 2016

one bag at a time, one truck at a time

In an episode of Monk, the garbage collectors were on strike.
The sight and stench of the trash filled city 
sent an already fragile Monk
over the edge.
He decided that he was going to clean up the city.
By himself.
One bag
and one truck
at a time 
(by filling the trash trucks and driving them into the bay...)
"one bag at a time, one truck at a time"


I'm not driving any trucks into the water
or cleaning up the city,
but dangit
I have got to get this house cleaned up!

One box, one shelf, one basket, one drawer
at a time.

The kicker, though,
is I can only clean out one thing a day!

I'm so often all or nothing.
If I don't have time to clean all the things
I don't clean any of the things.

This year,
every day,
I'm borrowing Monk's
 'one bag at a time, one truck at a time' plan.
So far, it's working out well.

Yesterday, Tyler came home with groceries
and he was putting some veggies away
when I told him that the drawer he was putting them in really should be cleaned first.
But that I couldn't do it.
 I'd already cleaned my one extra thing ;-)

It's working out real well.

one bag at a time, one truck at a time.
one bag at a time, one truck at a time...


  1. I laughed when I read this post because I remember that episode of Monk! I loved that show! But all the obsession aside,it is a good idea.

  2. Returning the visit and enjoyed cruising your blog. YOur family is beautiful.

  3. An excellent strategy...I'll take inspiration from Monk, too - after I see how you do. (Heh pressure!) Blaze the trail, girl!


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