Friday, January 29, 2016

a smidge of show and tell

Quilters are just the nicest people!

I sewed when I got home Wednesday evening,
and when I could yesterday,
and by 7:11 last night,
I had a finished quilt top!

Tyler helped me baste the top to the batting
(sans back)
and I spent a little less than 2 hours (total)
last night and this morning
stitching in the ditch,
every 2nd or 3rd seam
horizontally and vertically
to stabilize everything.
I'm becoming a fan of this, even though it is extra work;
I feel like things stay lined up better.
I don't know ~ it could be all in my head....

I can definitely see the appeal of a wash away thread
for this method;
I could put the pedal to the metal
if I didn't have to worry about staying perfectly in the ditch!
As it is - I go s u p e r slow.

My backing fabric just arrived in the mail
(wow - that was fast!)
so I will throw very carefully lay the quilt back on the floor 
and get a kid to help me baste the backing to the other 2 layers,
then I'll mark the lines for my hand-quilting
(just a few ~ no time to go crazy ;-)
and put in about an hour of machine quilting
before I'll need to set it aside for other work.

I'm thinking I am actually going to be able to pull this off.
Stay tuned....

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  1. Congrats on getting the (beautiful!!!) quilt top together, and in record time too! Your fabric choices are amazing -- I'm sure it's going to be treasured for years to come :)

  2. Wow! Impressively fast, even more impressive is how stunning such a simple quilt is when a clever eye is picking the fabrics. Sew on!

  3. Looking great - I knew you would manage it! Looking froward to seeing it all finished!

  4. Nope, not in your head. I'm sure the ditching does stabilize everything and keep things square. Wow, you're gonna make it!!!


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