Thursday, January 14, 2016

see how they love

Taking a cue from Acts 2:42,
instead of a congregational mid week service,
families from our church meet mid week in small groups
(called 242 groups, because we have to be clever...)
usually in homes, but sometimes elsewhere.

I've mentioned before that I love our group.
They are my people
and I feel safe and comfortable with them.
So much so in fact, that I've actually invited others to join us
(this is not something I'd do lightly!)

I wouldn't exactly say I look forward to going to our 242 meetings,
but I certainly don't dread it,
which is more than I can say for most things
that involve leaving the house.

From September - December,
we did an Andy Stanley video study
about being disciples
and not merely 'Christians'.

All through the series, 
he reiterated John 13:34,
that people would know that we are followers of Christ
because of our love.

Not our rules and our standards,
our love.

In the final lesson, Andy said,

“In every dealing with someone, 
before every statement or response to anyone, 
a follower of Jesus, a disciple, 
should ask themselves first: 
‘What does love require of me?’” 

If we could just remember to ask that question,
and act on the answer,
people will have no choice, but to say,
"see how they love..."

with the ceiling fan and heater both on high - trying to dry them thoroughly, right before packing them up to give away 

To help us remember,
the kids and I made all of the families in our group 
an 8x10 one of a kind art piece

(lest you think 
that I think
I have this love thing down,
I think it's fair that you know:
While working on these, there were tons of frustrations
and things going wrong,
and not turning out exactly as envisioned
and just general big project stress and chaos.
There were also tears,
and there was growling.
There was quitting,
and re-starting.
I did not behave lovely.

Yes; I see the irony...)

I really do want to love....

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  1. Your honesty is so refreshing...thank you for always exposing your heart. It is encouraging to be in this "trying to do better" boat with such excellent company. Your word art is a wonderful reminder. Hugs.


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