Monday, July 17, 2017

more Monday miscellanies

Another kid is taller than me.

Darn that Jeremiah!


Along with my wheat, grains, and sugar,
I have temporarily given up coffee.
and dairy.

We'll see if anything comes of it...

It was actually much easier than I expected
but I gotta be honest,
I was really hoping yesterday
that Tyler would forget I wasn't drinking coffee
and make me a cup.

I would have had to drink it to not be rude....


My Juki is in the shop.

Brandon took her up to Fayetteville for me on Saturday.

I was hoping he'd also
come back with her
on Saturday,
but they don't have technicians over the weekend.



Tyler and I spent 7 hrs 
out working in the house Saturday.
we've got everything but the upstairs bathroom 
and the media room primed.

It was soooo hot!

I told him I'd never sweat so much in my life.

He said, "You said that last year.
Doing electric.

I told him this year's sweat trumps last year's!

I was chugging water
and pouring salt in my mouth,
but it wasn't enough, 
and that night,
I also had the worst headache I've ever had.

It. Was. Miserable.

I had it all day yesterday, too,
but the pain had lessened considerably.
I still have a remnant of it this morning.


I absolutely
have to have paint picked out and purchased
by Friday.

I can do this.
I can!


  1. Both my kids are now taller than me, and I'm not exactly short at 5'8". Wonder if your bad headache is from caffiene withdrawal. Hope Juki comes back soon, you'll be missing it!!

    1. I *am* a shortie, so it's not terribly hard for them to outgrow me ;-) Nah - THAT headache I'd had earlier in the week : / It's actually been easier than I would have expected to give up coffee. Of course, being in the mid 80s at 6:30 in the morning doesn't hurt any ;-)

  2. I remember those days! My girls are not tall at 5'3-4"each I believe but taller than me 5'2"! As for hot and sweaty I hear ya. 87 here by the lake and humid as a jungle so upstairs in the loft quilting on the longarm I was just dripping! Our AC quit...


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