Friday, July 14, 2017

Sojourner and Sparkle

I finished two quilt tops this week!

Remember a few weeks ago,
when I shared my new project sketch?

It was paper pieced,
darn it,
but it was perfect for the quilt I had in mind.

Meet Sparkle

I got off to a super rocky start,
which isn't all that surprising,
seeing as how it's me.
But it's such a simple pattern,
I sort of expected I could handle it,
since I've had a good bit of practice...

The first day of paper piecing was absolutely awful
and if I hadn't already cut up all of my fabric,
I would have gone back to my original
(much easier, much less 'wow')
of 4 patches on point.

The second day was a smidge better,
and the last 2 dozen units
were made without any mistakes!

(I still don't like paper piecing, though ;-)

I'm going to try a minky backing with this one,
which will be a first for me,
so if you've got any tips, I'd love to hear them!

My second finish, 

I am really pleased with how it turned out!!
I had several 'I'm not sure about this' moments along the way,
but I am soo happy with it now.

I accidentally gave myself a ton of partial seams in this quilt,
so it took a lot longer to sew together
than I'd anticipated
once the blocks were all sewn up.
Fortunately everything fit together really well,
so it wasn't hard
as much as it was overwhelming.

It was inspired by Kathleen Riggins version
(although I have already reminded my client 
that my quilting 
will be nowhere near as spectacular as Kathleen's.

Mercy, that girl has skills!)

My sewing machine needs to go in the shop
before I attempt to quilt either of these, though;
my machine won't allow me to move the quilt in all directions : /

I hate to make a trip to Fayetteville just for that,
but I also don't want to have to wait too long to get started....

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  1. I'd love to know how you get on with the minky. I did buy some minky but when it arrived I didn't really like it so put it away for another day. I used cuddle fleece instead which feels a lot warmer. I've heard with the minky use a lot of pins, maybe true but not sure.

  2. I spray basted the quilt that I made with minky. That and lots of pins!!! It's slippery stuff :-)

  3. I was thinking of spray basting AND either pin or thread basting ~ so sounds like I probably best do both.
    thanks, Ladies!
    ~ Tracy

  4. I spray basted and pinned. I used no batting and quilted it with a walking foot. It worked fine, no puckers.

  5. I have never quilted with minky! I did have it done by a pro on a quilt for my great grandson. She said, "no problem", but she is AWESOME!!!

  6. Oh I love Kathleen's style!! And talent out the yin-yang! And she's from a small town just 15 min south of my home city! I ADORE Sparkle!! Did you use Grunge I think? And Sojourner is beautiful too, such happy colour!! Beautiful work. :-)

  7. Your Gypsy Wife quilt is looking so colorful! For the Minkee--be mindful of the nap. It's easier to sew with the nap than against it.

  8. I just noticed on that last shot that this is a sparkly linen... ohhh! Gotta love that grunge, right? I think it's a mental block about PP, but good that you hopped back on that horse again ; )


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