Monday, September 25, 2017

house update, all about dem floors

How can we possibly be in the tail end of September??

All of the interior doors upstairs
have been installed,
except for one.
(of course, they still need to be primed and painted.
so much painting....)

this is the door to the girls' room, taken from inside the boys' room

We figured out how we are going to trim the doors and windows.

Would you be surprised to find out 
that in order to get the look we want,
we'll have to piece things together?
(ready-made trim boards of the correct size 
are well out of our price range)

What's a little more work, right?!?

We ran all of the boards for window casings through the table saw
so they are ready to be primed.
Then we made a few painting sawhorses
and set up a drying station.

After finishing that,
we got a text from Dad that he could come down the 9th
to help us get started on the floors
so that's been the focus for the past few weeks.

We have more prep work than most;
Tyler has been sanding the joins in our subfloor
because they swelled from all of the rain we had 
when they first went in,
despite our best efforts to keep water from standing on them,
 the stupid drywallers hung the drywall only 1/4 - 1/2 inch 
off the (sub)floor
instead of 3/4 - 7/8"
like they should have,
so I've been crawling around
trimming the walls with a dremmel.
(and killing my back)

that - was a crappy day. It was one of those days where everything took too long & went wrong

We managed to have the living room and hall prepped
when Dad came 2 weeks ago
and now are done with the trimming and sanding 
in the entry / hall, hall closet, living room, kitchen, dining room, and pantry,
but have the rest of the downstairs to do still.
(besides our bedroom, since it'll be carpet)
we've finished installing the flooring
in the living room and the entry hall.

I'm loving it!!!!
(Tyler is remaining cautiously optimistic)
(Which is kinda funny - because we've reversed roles..)
(but he's right. They still need to be finished,
so there's still a chance we can ruin them...)

We want a floor with lots of character,
that looks like it's been there awhile - instead of newly installed,
so we bought 2/3 rustic and 1/3 select.
(We were afraid that 100% rustic
might have a tad too much character ;-)
And did I mention that the wood came from trees
grown in the Ozark Mountains??

Every time I open a new bundle,
it's like a digging in a treasure chest.
What wonderful graining or streak or knot will I find?

all the heart eyes!!!
Yes. we might ruin it. but right now -
And it feels so good under your feet.

Laying out flooring is basically just laying out a giant quilt,
and my dad assures me that no professional installer
would give that part the care and attention that I have.
(Even still there are a few pieces I'd have placed differently
if I'd have stepped back and looked. ah well.)

The second 'layer' isn't in any particular order - I just open several bundles at a time to see my options.
Yesterday, I opened 3 bundles, just to find one board with the characteristics I was looking for.

I actually installed a (49x56) section in the entryway
all by myself,
including hand nailing where needed.
(I'm especially proud of that part,
because I thought I would have to ask for help;
I've had difficulty in the past using an awl to sink a nail...)
Tyler said,
"You'll do anything for a badge"

We picked up the rest of our flooring on Friday.
(Oh mercy! It was Bikes, Blues, and BBQ 
so there were thousands of motorcycles on the road.
I was so glad I wasn't driving!)
Pretty sure it will be plenty acclimatized
by the time we get the rest of the first trip's installed. 

that's where we're at.
We still have a little electric to do
and a few lights to install.
We're getting there.
But it's slow goin'....


  1. Wow! Living in our little 1947 house that we (well mostly my husband) is renovating, I can totally appreciate your glee, and am in awe of your talent! Yay!!! I wish I could go for it, but I defer... It's all looking fabulous, and I love your description of pulling out wood looking for THAT piece..much like pawing through fabric right?!

    1. It is fun to see everything come together, isn't it?! And your MacGuyver is doing a fantastic job!! (I admit - when we started this, I had NO IDEA *I* would have such a hand in the building - but - there was work to be done, and I was available to do it...)

  2. You all are AMAZING workers!! Oh, that Tyler...haaha! (what a smart apple!) I'll bet there are SOME jobs you wouldn't do for a badge. I dunno what, because you do some real toughies, but probably something! Wow, your home is looking fantastic. Those floors DESERVE all the heart eyes! (And, OMYGOSH - I can't believe those darn drywallers are STILL making life difficult.) You are getting closer to moving in every day!

    1. awwww ~ thanks!!! I'm telling you what, though, I'm about ready to NOT be such an amazing worker ;-) I am getting tired of all this working so dang hard!


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