Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Grannies going in circles

I really don't know how I happened upon the picture.

Following  a link,
after following a link, I suppose....

But once I saw it,
there was no going back.

For days,
it was all I could think about.
When I wasn't installing hardwood floors, or quilting,
that is.

Maybe it wasn't days;
maybe it was only 2 days,
or 1 long day.

I really don't know.

All I know
I had to make make one.

Gorgeous! I need somebody to help me make sense of this pattern!!

Because I am very responsible
and not at all impulsive,
I pulled out one of the few skeins of yarn that we own
(you may remember that I quilt - but I am not so great with the yarn arts)
chose a properly sized hook from my extensive (not) collection,
(after watching portions of 3 different how to make granny squares
with circle center (aka sunburst) videos)
I sat down on the the couch
while we watched an episode of Hart of Dixie,
and Tyler kept glancing over and laughing at me,
I crocheted the center portion of a circle-centered granny square!

Oh. My.

That was not right at all!!
I thought it was a little ruffly as I was working on it,
but figured maybe it would smooth out?

The rest of the show,
I kept looking over at my granny square dollhouse lampshade
and laughing myself.
I obviously did something veeeeery wrong....

But I was determined to make one of these amazing blankets for myself,
I went back to the video
(I'd selected the shortest one.
because that meant a quicker project, right?)
and discovered that I had 'chained one'
36 times
where I wasn't supposed to.

That was all.... I could do this.....

After I tucked Tyler into bed,
I watched the video again,
this time, working right along with it
(ok. so maybe I had to keep pausing it....
and I made a real center
of a circle-centered granny square.

Thoroughly convinced that I could do this,
I went out the very next day
and  bought a bit of proper yarn
(after consulting with Ashlee
as to what, exactly I should buy...)

what??! You know I need all the fabrics yarns....

I'm thinking of adding an extra round
(making it a great granny square)
(Crocheters - is there any reason why that wouldn't work??)

because then my squares would be bigger,

so I'd need fewer of them,

and I could more quickly get this out of my system
and get back to quilting.

(This isn't actually taking away from quilting,
except for maybe my very long term EPP,
but I have already been avoiding that
 because of paper size/shape problems,
so having no binding or hand-quilting right now,
I've just been watching our somewhat nightly show

Oh! I remember!
One of my sweet nieces sent me a link on FB.
which ultimately led to the photo above,
which started this whole thing.

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  1. Oh that is going to be pretty, I leave the crochet to my talented sister. Have you read this blog and seen all of her beautiful creations:


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