Monday, October 23, 2017

week in review

Not long after hitting 'publish' 
Tyler and I hopped in the car and headed to Everton Missouri
for a 'couples getaway'.

In a moment of utter weariness,
the word Get-a-way
the low price of $150 for 2 nights
- all meals included -
totally suckered me,
and I texted Tyler, "want me to sign up for this?"

We were expecting that there would be hundreds of couples,
and we could just sorta hide away 
and be unnoticed.

Turns out,
there were only about 14 couples,
7 of them
from our church,
so hiding out was not really an option.

The speakers were great
and had a lot of wisdom to share
and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them 
to any newly married
or troubled couple.

I couldn't help thinking multiple times
that perhaps Tony and Kacy wouldn't be getting divorced
if they had sat under some of their teaching.

We skipped out early on Sunday,
because right after we got home
we were heading to Springhill to camp for a few days.

 Camping was wonderful.
Our site was gorgeous
and the daytime temperatures were pretty much perfect
though the nights were a bit nippy.

The kids rode bikes and scooters.
We played cards.
And kayaked and fished.
(I made circle centered granny squares....)

We ate yummy camp food.
We played at the park
and collected firewood.
We rested.

We could have easily stayed a few more days
but we needed to get back home
and work on the house.

Thursday night,
we finished installing all of the hardwood flooring
that we can install right now!!
(the rest will have to wait until the LEM is moved
and the other half of the library is built)

Matt and Marin and Milo
came down for the weekend to help.

We decided that Matt helping with trim 
would pack the biggest punch,
and man, was that a good call!

While the guys worked on priming, painting,
and then installing trim (upstairs),

Marin and I worked on the upstairs floors;
I used the belt sander on the subfloor seams
(the one job I had successfully avoided up to that point)
and Marin followed behind me with the shopvac
cleaning up all of the mess I made.

We also spent some time just visiting,
which was every bit as nice
as having their help.

Somehow - they fit in spending some good time 
with our kiddos, too.

I always love 
when people love on my kids!

Speaking of the kids -
they were troupers, too.
They helped out in the house when they could,
(boys, especially)
fixed food,
(girls, mostly)
and enjoyed playing with Milo
(all of 'em)
when he didn't need his mom or dad.

And that,
is pretty much our week in review.

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