Friday, October 13, 2017

Traveler, a (little) finished (whole cloth) quilt

When I finished Alicia's quilt,
but before I started quilting Sojourner,
I made a little whole-cloth quilt,
by drawing
a 'sample' of Sojourner 
onto an almost 1 yard cut of Riviera Kona cotton
using fine tipped Crayola washable markers
so I could practice my quilting.

I knew one of the things that my client loved 
was the quilting. 

And even though I had warned her
that my quilting would be nowhere near the level of Kathleen's,
I still wanted to do my very best.
(which is pretty much what I want to do with every quilt... ;-)

I'm really glad I made this little practice piece,
because firstly,
it really boosted my confidence

and secondly,
there were a few motifs that I ended up 
not being real crazy about,
so I knew not to use them in the real quilt.

I wish I could say it helped me figure out 
how to best work my way around the quilt,

but sadly, I still struggle a good bit with that.

(although - I recently took Judi's progressive quilting class,
and one of my take-a-ways was
is inevitable.
Still, I think I could eliminate *some* of it...)

And thirdly - it's pretty darn cute,
and delightfully soft!

I backed it with the same fabric that I used for Out of the Blue
and bound it with a yellow/gold zig zaggy fabric 
I bought on my birthday trip to the Rag Barn last year.

it's got wool batting,
so it's nice and light and soft and drapey
but warm,
and it breathes like Egyptian cotton.
(Points if you know what that line is from ;-)

After quilting and a tumble through the washer and dryer
it's approx 30x37 inches

and -  it's in the shop


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