Monday, October 30, 2017

house work goes on and on and on

Last week was exhaustingly full of house work,
but very little progress
by our own hands
was made.


One huge step forward
was the installation of the water line.

What a relief to have that done.

Of course, 
we still don't have any fixtures,
so we don't actually have water in the house yet,
but - soon.


Our cabinets are finished and awaiting pick-up - woohoo


We also hired a young man to sand the floors,
which was a job that Tyler was dreading,
and I wasn't positive I was up for physically.
(floor installation has added some new pains
to this already falling apart body)

I'd rather do the work
than hand over a check,
but in this case - I'll be pretty happy to pay.


We installed the final upstairs door
and my brother (and his sweet family) came back down
to teach us the best way to caulk, fill nail holes, and paint trim.

He also helped Tyler and Brandon install
another room's worth of trim.

After they left,
Tyler and I finished caulking and painting the trim
in the playroom
and the bonus (eventual) movie room.

the wall color is SW waterscape, mixed at (I think) 60% and then toned down a smidge with some of our main wall color

So pretty!!


Marin and I tackled the back porch,
(which was in desperate need of picking up,
thanks to a month of scraps and sawdust from floor installation)
while we waiting for our trim lesson.


We also began our hunt for the perfect stain color
(harder than we anticipated.
but then,
how long did it take to pick out that one color of paint??!)
(Incidentally - I love that one color,
and most people who've seen it love it, too)
(Clothesline Fresh, mixed at 40%.
so, 2 gallons worth of color
added to a 5 gallon bucket of paint...)


I guess we actually accomplished quite a bit
with our own hands
after all...


Today and tomorrow's focus
will shift to finishing up Halloween costumes.

My kids are always really big on accessories 
- are yours?!?

I keep reminding them they'll have to carry 
all of these extra things,
but those extras 'make' the costume,
so the kids don't care.

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  1. Love seeing your progress, as I can totally relate, living in a currently under renovation, little 1947 house! Love that wall colour, yum!


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