Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

(not sure what is up with that huge space! so sorry!!)

No time for writing today,
but I wanted to get these pictures off my phone 
and on the blog
so all we have are quickly captioned photos.

On Monday, Brandon helped with the festival for Kistler Center - he's an anonymous Kid Central worker 

Old Man Jeremiah. He said he had the comfiest halloween costume ever

My little Asian girl

Lily and Lex' made Lexi's poptart costume months ago!

Brandon as Ben, our Children's Pastor
(and a major investor into Brandon's life)
Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling, people standing
Our pastors and their Impastors 😂
pretty little poptart

a Ranger, from The Ranger's Apprentice book series.
(though mostly it was assumed he was Robin Hood)

I do love these (not so little) people!!

He was willing to trim his beard extra short to be Ben,
because today starts No-Shave-November

Silly Goober!
(That fabric for his candy bag was only a loan.
Am I a nice mom or what??)

Knowing she wouldn't want to keep her box on all evening,
I whipped up a quick under-costume poptart costume, too

Bow was made by Brandon, painted by Josiah.
Pretty sure Jeremiah and Josiah made the sword type weapon
Lily and Josiah made the sheath and Momma made the quiver and cloak

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  1. You ARE a super nice - and talented - costume maker/mom-who-lends-fabric! Love these happy faces. OHmygosh - the "impastors" tickled my funny bone (while at the same time delivering a huge compliment to the real deals, I would think...Clever idea!)


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