Monday, November 6, 2017

the house, a week in review

Let's see.

Not a lot of progress on the house-building this week.

Monday and Tuesday all available minutes
were dedicated to costumes
and going to the Fall Festival at our church.

Wednesday was full of 
recovering from the Fall Festival
and making food for 242
and then,
of course, actually attending 242.

you might remember

Thursday evening and Friday were spent 
testing various stains / stains with tung oil combos
(and running around town,
obtaining said stains)
and then doing several hours of research
regarding the use of stain 
under tung oil.
(It's trickier business than we'd initially realized,
but we are pretty set on the tung oil
as we feel like it will give us the look we are wanting
with maintenance that we can handle.)

Friday night,
Tyler and I started on the installation
in the upstairs bathroom.
(we also totally forgot about a birthday party
Jeremiah and Josiah were supposed to go to,
and felt like huge heels
 when we saw pictures of the party on FB Saturday night

methinks my tub protection isn't terribly effective all smashed into the tub, instead of covering it 😑

We babysat Hadley over the weekend
(she was soo much happier than last time - yay!)
so not much at all got done on the house,
but we did manage to finish the bathroom floor
(a little tip - if you have access to a saw,
don't follow the instructions
and cut the dang flooring with a utility knife.
Use the saw!)
and we started making stain.
(an outdoor kitchen would be very nice for this)

There are only 3 wood prints in a box of 7 planks - what the heck?!
I was expecting all 7 to be different, and even then, wasn't sure how I felt about it...
Tip #2 - install your fake wood before you install the real deal
Oh -  I also added one more coat of teak oil to the door
while Baby Girl and Pops were napping.
The 2 coats I had on it probably were good enough,
but now there is no doubt
that it will be protected for (at least) a few years.

Hopefully we will be able to make significantly better progress
this week,
because there is still soooo much to do
before we can move.
And we are all so ready to move!!

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  1. I'm ready to move now too, and we've only just finished the basement! It has to dry over the winter.(notice: there is no laughter going on here over that one) Maybe it will help the waiting when you know that you are much further along than we are ; ) Hang in there!


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