Thursday, November 2, 2017

the door

Not long after we bought the door,
I bought a can of teak oil
to put on it.

And then the can sat in the wall in the garage
for well over a year.

We would take turns
remarking on how we really needed 
to oil the door,
but then we'd tackle some other project.

When Matt was here last week
he said, 
"You're really going to want to get that oil on the door before winter."

It wasn't as if I didn't already know we needed to do that,
but the way he said it,
I interpreted it as
'It would really be best for you 
if you got the door done soon'
and for goodness sake,
it'd been installed for over a year,
I knew I just needed to make 
'oil the darn door'
a priority.

entirely sanded, L side cleaned and oiled

One of the problems with the internet
is there is so much information.

That's a good thing, of course,
but I tend to over-research
and then convince myself that 'x' will be hard
or worse,
I'll screw it up
with my inexperience.

1 coat on everything

Matt assured me that nothing was permanent
and if I did
by some strange chance
really mess it up,
the door could be sanded 
and we could start over again.

So  - I checked the forecast,
and determined that Thursday was the day.
And because I am so good at forgetting things,
I set a reminder on my phone.

2nd (heavier) coat on L side

It took longer than I antcipated
(and my arm is absolutely killing me.
As in - I asked Tyler for 10 ibuprofen.
(I normally have to be forced to take them)
Don't worry - he only gave me 2)
but it wasn't hard,
and I didn't screw up at all.

First I sanded everything,
giving extra care to the areas the neighbors' dog had peed on,
then I wiped everything down with mineral spirits
and gave it 2 coats of teak oil
and now
we have a
protected-from-the-elements door.


no sewing is happening,
but this is a major finish anyways,
so I'm linking up with the other finishers at Amanda Jean's


  1. Love the color and how the wood soaks up the oil!

  2. It's wonderful! The door itself is wonderful but with the oil on it it looks "finished" and will resist rain and snow (which doesn't even really come close to it as far as I can see... but during a snow storm...?) Well done :-)

  3. It's a really beautiful door... and you did a really good job on the finish!!


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