Wednesday, November 15, 2017

quilt labels on memory lane

and since I'm taking it a bit easy today 
I decided a small trip down label memory lane might be fun.

Unless I make it into the back,
or tuck it into the binding
I pretty much always cut a piece of very lightweight batiste
the same size as the label
and sew around all four sides, right sides together.
I cut a slit in the batiste
and use that slit to turn the label right side out.
Then I press it well
so that you can't see any of the batiste, 
then glue baste in place on the quilt back
and hand-stitch. 
usually with invisible stitches,
but occasionally with big stitch quilting.

If I'm on top of my game and plan to tuck it into the binding,
I sew up 3 sides, 
and leave the side that will go in the binding 
for turning the label right side out
with no need for the slit in the back.

You can see though,
that I only had the foresight to do that

made into the backing.
I was so tickled with how their wedding date turned out
 that I totally forgot to include
the name of the quilt,
and who made it
when I made the rest of the label.

This one for my niece's quilt was squeal worthy.
That tiny star!

I ordered embroidered labels from a friend

we have another teeny tiny star label
 Which is one of my favorite quilts to use
and the most fun quilt to make.

I *think* this was my first label,
made for the quilt I made for my man 3 1/2 years ago.

Oh. Nope.
That wasn't my first label.
This was my first.
It was actually part of the back of the quilt.
But it wasn't actually finished in the Spring. oops.

This one is the label for my baby sister's quilt
(oh - do follow that link - the coupon code is still good!!)

A very simple 'slip in the binding' tag
a quilt I (quickly) made for a friend undergoing chemo.

Of course,
there are many times 
that I either chose not to,
or simply forgot
to make a label, too.

Here are three that I especially regret not adding labels to
the One Block Wonder quilt I made for my mom.

So - makers and quilt snugglers,
what's your take on labels??

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  1. Yay! Thanks for sharing! I love the tiny stars for your labels. I'll try to remember to try that sometime =)


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