Tuesday, December 11, 2012

covered in love and prayers

I know she loves Jesus.
I know this,
because I've seen it with my own eyes.
For almost 12 years, our family has served with Connie (and others) in 'apartment ministry'.
And I have watched her love His children.

A few weeks ago, Connie was diagnosed with cancer.
I thought, "I should make her a quilt".
Then I dismissed the thought, because it seemed rather cliche.

Last Thursday,
while the rest of the team was at Timberline Apartments,
Connie got her port.
I thought again, "I should make her a quilt."
Again, I dismissed the notion.

this makes me think of zebra strip gum

A few days later, I just happened to read something that mentioned why people are cold when they undergo chemo.
I started thinking again...

Wednesday afternoon, I did a little research,
trying to determine what size quilt I should make, should I , you know, decide to make one.
And I sat at my computer choking back tears.
I had to get up and do something else, then went back later and researched some more.
My heart just broke for Connie.
I know God has everything in control, and I'm not worried about her,
but I don't want her to have to go through this.
And being that I have this houseful of (germ-y) kids, there isn't a lot I can do for her.

I decided I was definitely making my friend a quilt!

I texted Lynnet and said, now is when one needs a fabric stash...
She sweetly offered to let me have shop her stash. I told her I needed to get the current quilt (!) off the design wall before I could do anything, then I'd see what I might have, so I'd know what I'd still need.
That evening, I messaged a mutual friend to ask when Connie would begin treatment.

I knew I'd want the quilt to have lots of white for Bible verses, 
so I quickly settled on Amanda Jean's zigzag pattern (but made it a bit bigger, and changed up the size of my zags)
I wanted the quilt to be cheery, and you know there is no fabric cheerier to me than California Dreamin',
which, I just happen to have in my meager stash.
I also just happened to have 2 1/2 inch strips of Kona white - already cut.
I pulled out 7 Cali Dreamin fabrics, and grabbed a few more coordinating fabrics
that I 'happened' to order when I found them on clearance when I ordered Matsuri this summer.

I should interject here that the entire time I worked on this quilt, I felt like God was blessing my work,
which confirmed to me that it was right that I should make this quilt.

Wednesday night, after the house was in bed, I cut two 3 1/2 in strips of each print,
and noonish Thursday,
I started sewing.
Oh. I also got a message back from Mary - Connie would begin treatment Tuesday. 
which meant, if I was going to give her the quilt before her first dose of chemo,
I'd need to finish it by Monday afternoon!
Brandon and Tyler were huge helps, fixing meals and doing extra picking up,
so that I could sew.

Tyler asked how long it would take me to hand-quilt the verses.
I looked at him as if he had lost his mind.
sweetly told him that just wasn't an option.
He said it was too bad. He really liked the pink stitches on Lily's quilt.
So I thought, "Well. Maybe I can do a little hand quilting.... 

I wanted to use a vintage sheet from my collection for the back, but nothing was just right.
(or even close to just right...)
I held a not-at-all-suitable daisy sheet up and asked Tyler what he thought.
He noted that I was asking him for more input than usual.
He suspected maybe it was because I was trying to rush, and maybe even skimp in the rushing.
And that I was only asking because I already knew the answer...
He demanded very lovingly suggested that I should create a back with my 'signature pop'.

 I free motion quilted the verses with the quilt top basted to the batting, but not the back. 
After I added all the colons by hand (french knots) I taped everything to the floor again,
and spray basted the back to the partially quilted front.
Then I used my walking foot and did miles and miles of straight line quilting - in zig zags -
in dark pink, orange, yellow, and pink thread.
I hand-quilted the one row I'd planned to hand quilt,
and liked it so much, I added two more rows of hand-quilting
before adding the binding.

I did finish it on time,
even though sewing the binding on took an inordinately long time.
After finishing, though, I decided not to barge in on her last evening before treatment,
and will get it to her very soon.
I hope that, whether she takes it with her to her treatments or not,
this quilt brings warmth and comfort, 
to both her body and her spirit.

I asked if there were specific things I should be praying,
and the reply was, "Connie asked us to pray for the salvation of her doctors."

Which is perfectly typical Connie.


  1. This quilt is my mostest favorite pattern I've seen you do yet.

    prayin for those Doctors

  2. that made me tear up sister!
    and I agree with Rebekah, I LOVE that pattern!! my favorite so far also!
    It has occurred to me that if you ever should make me a quilt (I am not asking for one, nor thinking that I would ever make it to the top of your quilts to make list, I am just thinking here...)IF, like 20 years down the road, if you were to ever make me a quilt, it would have to have that pattern, with animal prints! and a flower stuck here and there of course. maybe with some glittery threads.THAT would be very cool!
    This is a fabulous quilt, and I love the bible verses too,and all the hand writing, what a special gift! I am sure it will bring her much love and hope and comfort and warmth! Prayers for connie and her doctors!


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