Saturday, August 4, 2012

mission accomplished

Last Friday evening, around 8 o'clock
I decided I was going to make a quilt in a week.
Just to see if I could.
When Tyler headed out with the kids a few minutes later to buy fish for his $5 fish tank,
I sat down at my machine and randomly sewed 2 squares together.
And repeated 100+ times.

I had hoped that Tyler could arrange my blocks for me on Saturday since I struggle so much with that part,
but he went and took a 3+ hour nap and left me on my own.
(in his defense, I never asked him to do my work for me help)
You saw where I was at mid-afternoon last Saturday.
This is how I left things when I went to bed that night, midnightish

I think I had 3 rows sewn together.
I managed another row before church Sunday morning.
(that would be why my hair was only half fixed. I couldn't help it; I had a goal...)

Throughout the week, every time I could spare a minute, I sewed.
I had hoped to be done by Thursday, so I could join the needle and thREAD ladies,
but it just didn't happen.

I don't just love the quilting on the front, somehow it seems to me to draw the eye to 4 block sections.

Friday, I felt somewhat stressed most of the day
and realized that part of that was my own stupid self-imposed goal.
It had gotten to the point that I wasn't enjoying the process, I just wanted to be finished.
Which is just crazy, because I didn't have any real deadline
other than I wanted to see if I could make a quilt in a week, 
plus I was hand-sewing the binding ~ which I normally love to do!

I do, however, love the quilting on the back! I think this may be my favorite quilt back yet.

I ended up just setting it aside all day, until we watched the Olympics in the evening, 
and wouldn't you know it ~ I finished it up anyways.
I did it! I made a quilt in a week!

This super lightweight quilt measures 56x77 after washing and drying.
Fabric is Matsuri, a soft cotton lawn from Connecting Threads. 
I ordered charm packs, because they, surprisingly, weren't any more expensive than yardage.
Along with a bit of yardage of my favorite print from the line, I used a sheet I bought a few years ago from Ikea for the back.
It was unimpressive to work with (low thread count & kinda rough) but it softened up nicely in the wash.
Elizabeth Hartman's Orange Peel  quilting post was the inspiration for the quilting, but I did mine totally different than she did hers.
I used another Matsuri print for the binding. I just barely had enough; I have a 1 1/2" x3" scrap left. 


  1. The pictures in this post are especially good, Ms. Tracy! And the quilt is lovely.

  2. oh my dear tracy, YOU are a piece of work! and so is that quilt. BRAVO!! and its beautiful of course! If only I had some of your motivation! (applause..., clap clap clap!!!)

  3. Ooh, very pretty! And in one week, wow!

  4. I'm amazed...again at your incredible talent!! It's beautiful!!!

  5. WOW! FABULOUS! Look what all you can do!! Amazing!
    you excell even yourself!
    Love you,

  6. One week? Wow great job! I was going to post my quilt today as well..but I just can't seem to finish it. Maybe next week!


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