Wednesday, August 29, 2012

coming together

Plans are coming together nicely for the reception.
I've added a few little things I didn't know we wanted ;-)
and Tyler has taken my big idea
and improved it.
(which is what he does - he makes me and my stuff better!)

I'm a little stressed
that I'm not more stressed.
I'm worried that I'm not thinking of something...
I'll give it another week; I think I'll be properly stressed by then.


  1. "properly stressed " is good for SUPER motivator moves!
    (aka Adrenalin)
    That's when you do your GREAT stuff!

    guess who
    Love You!

  2. its funny that when we try to be properly prepared in a timely manner, we lose that adrenalin rush like mom said,and then feel like something is missing. It must be addicting since we all are such good procrastinators. maybe the challenge is to enjoy the ease of the task at hand and enjoy not feeling stressed!! tho I am fairly certain when the day comes, you will be properly stressed.followed by a big "sigh" at the end of the day! mission accomplished! hahaha!


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