Wednesday, August 8, 2012

set up

I found myself sitting in an airport in the early afternoon,
people watching,
just a few hours before my baby shower
when I was pregnant with Tony in late summer of '92.

We were going to pick up a surprise that Tyler had been in cahoots with somebody on
  but it 'wasn't quite ready yet'.
He suggested we wait at the airport, since that was close to the place we needed to go
to pick up this surprise.
(I thought he'd had somebody build something for the baby;
Why I thought that, I'm not sure; he could have built whatever it was.
Surely he didn't outright lie to me, though...)
I am so laid back and trusting.
Without asking any questions, I went along with the plan
and sat there,
at the airport.
Waiting to go pick up a cradle or something.
A plane arrived and we watched people coming into the airport.
Casually, Tyler pointed and said, "Look at that lady with the little girl; 
don't you think she looks kinda like Jodi W?"

It was Jodi W!!
I was so totally set up!
My husband had me sitting in an airport to pick up a friend
and I didn't have a clue.


"I really need to go get my ring cleaned." I said this evening, looking at my left hand.
I'd been planning to do it ever since Tony bought Kacy's engagement ring
and Tyler (whom Tony had asked to go along) had gotten his ring cleaned.
It just seems like a woman ought to have her ring super clean
when she's celebrating her 25th anniversary.
"Let's go right now," he said, "We can tell them we want to look at anniversary rings.
And then they'll offer to clean yours...."

I brushed on another coat of mascara and changed into denim capris
and we hopped in the car.
I prefer to look a little nicer when I go to the mall, but I really wanted my ring cleaned
and we needed to hurry, 'cause the boys had to be picked up from TaeKwanDo soon.

We arrived breathless at the jewelry store
(not really - but it sounded good, eh?)
and Tyler said we wanted to look at anniversary rings.
I just got straight to the point and told her I really wanted my ring cleaned, 
but went over with Tyler to the rings anyways.
The sales girl put my ring in the cleaner and came back over.
"Which ones do you like?" she asked.
Which really was a clever way of asking, because if she'd just said, "See anything you like?"
I could have just said, "Nah." 
Because I wasn't really even looking.
But since she asked which ones, well, I had to pick a few.
I pointed out one and asked Tyler which ones he liked.
Since my ring was still in the cleaner I figured I may as well try one or two on.
His favorite was a thin white gold band with 6 sparkly diamonds.
"This one feels really good." I said when I slipped it on.
Tyler looked at me and grinned,
"I so set you up!"
And he bought me an anniversary ring!

14K White Gold Diamond Anniversary Band, 1/2 ctw.
because I know you'll want to know ~ it looks very much like this one, but with 6 diamonds,  instead of 7

Babe ~ you can set me up any time ;-)


  1. Aaaaahhhh.... Such a sweet husband! Way to go!!

  2. love, love, love this! Hurray for creative husbands with awesome surprises! :)

  3. I just love you two! and Tyler really is a swell guy. I am glad hes so good to my beautiful wonderful sister! Happy anniversary to you, and I hope you have a Fabulous trip...ALONE!!! much love and hugs...

  4. what a really great set up!! very beautiful ring!!
    very beautiful couple!!
    congratulations you two!
    so very proud of you!!
    Lord Bless you Lots!
    Love Mom


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