Monday, August 20, 2012


Tyler was working on a project and got a little stressed because I hadn't taken over yet.
So I took over and did his work helped him out.
He proceeded to tell me that crafting wasn't his 'area'.

I typed up what needed printing, but since we can't print from a Word document,
I was going to put the document on a flash drive
so I could put it on Tony's computer, 
which he was kind enough to loan us for the occasion, but forgot to tell us the password.
We couldn't find the flash drive
so I put a disc in the computer.
While inserting the disk, I (sweetly) said,
"You know - putting things on DVD is not my area of expertise."

There was a moment of silence, before Brandon deadpanned,
"Which would explain why you called it a DVD"


  1. 1 point for Brandon


  2. hahahahaha! and I love how you cross out words, you are a funny girl you know!


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