Wednesday, August 15, 2012

consider yourself invited

We're going for a sort of 'back-yard BBQ' feel -
think Mayberry Community Social (we've been watching Andy Griffith with lunch ;-)
Don't you think that'll be fun?

The budget is tiny
and the gym is huge.
Oh - and I haven't started working on anything yet.
I'm excited to see how we pull it off :-)


  1. If you need any dishes consult me. I might just have the thing you want! lol

    The party sounds like a blast. Sooo much fun!

  2. hmmm, what to bring that you will eat, that you don't already make better that I have to figure out a RECIPE for??? we don't use recipes in this family, you know we just wing it! haha! if you have any suggestions, call or text me!! loves you!


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