Thursday, August 16, 2012

you know that's right!

"Keeping this place picked up
 - and I'm not talking about clean, just picked up -
is a full-time job!"
said my brother, after staying at the house, with the kids, for the weekend.

I look around and agree; truer words have never been spoken.


  1. boy, thats the truth around here too and we dont have any little ones! course, many of the messes are my creative messes, but still...every flat surface is always covered! agh! I wondered who was keeping the kids while you were gone! Thats so nice, I am sure all the kids and matt and marin had a wonderful weekend!

  2. well - the kids did for sure! not so sure about Matt & Marin ;-)

  3. they all made memories they may remember for yrs to come that includes the momma and the papa!
    love to all,


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