Tuesday, February 13, 2018

big boy's beautiful bookshelf bed

Because we are,
not only are we building a house,
mostly by hand,
we also have eleventy-billion DIY projects, too.

Jeremiah wanted a captains bed,
and we finally found one a few months ago for a great price,
and only a little damaged,
so we bought it and stuck it in the attic
until we had time to work on it.

When we were getting really close 
to being ready for carpet in our bedroom,
I told Tyler we needed to fix and paint Jeremiah's bed,
or we might not be able to do it for awhile.
(we used our room for a lot of the staining and painting...)

Jeremiah is super patient,
but everyone else had their bed,
so we wanted to do his sooner rather than later.

On one of our trips down the stairs
with pieces of the bed,
 Jeremiah said something about his bed and a bookcase
and wouldn't that be cool?

I said, 
"We didn't buy that kind of bed."

End of story.

I forgot to snap a before picture before we started taking it apart. oops.

Except that after I looked at the bed,
I didn't really like it.

Which I sorta expected,
because I don't find it visually appealing 
when the footboard and headboard are the same height.

Tyler and I talked 
about some ways we could fix it,
and I said,
"He'd really like a bookshelf.
And if we're going to change the bed anyways,
we may as well make it they way he'd really like it."

we did.

Thanks, Love, for taking my vision,
(and my fabulous drawing ;-)
once again,
and making it a reality.

We're a good team.


  1. That is a beautiful makeover. The bookcase was a great addition, and the whole thing looks like a million bucks! Well done!

    1. Thanks 😄 (the paint acted weird, so we’re hoping it holds up 😬)

  2. Wow, what a difference the painting makes! This bed is awesome and the bookcasse is a perfect addition! I love it and I'm sure Jeremiah does so too! Well done!!!

  3. It's amazing and beautiful and I'm not even a little bit surprised! I'm so proud of all you guys have accomplished.


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